Dance Travel Journalist

You're probably wondering...

what is a Dance Travel Journalist?

WELP! Here's your answer!

Kevin and I have a very unconventional lifestyle and career path. Aside from being married and sharing e-ver-y-thing, we also share a love and passion for dance and are lucky to have had the opportunity to create a career out of this thing we absolutely LOVE and ADORE together.

The nature of our job can be best summed up as such: dancers, choreographers, teachers. We teach dance classes, conventions, camps, seminars, judge competitions, and commission choreography.  A HUGE perk of this job is that it requires us to travel to connect with dancers of all walks of life in different communities across the globe and pushing the culture forward. To date, we've been blessed to have traveled to 23 different countries and have participated in over 70 dance workshops, competitions, conventions and events. In this time, we've collected so many beautiful memories that have been tucked away in hard drives and in our hearts. We've seriously mulled over this idea of taking our dance travels further by documenting them past the instagram photos and snapchat stories..

Which brings us to today..

We figured that with my B.A. in Communication from Cal State San Marcos and my crazy/good looking/silly husband - we can do this thing! Like really, fully commit to documenting this moment in our lives. We get lots of questions about our travels and we figure this would be a great way to share our experiences with family and friends back at home.


Disclaimer: And I'm just going to tell you this right now.. when it comes to the whole video editing part - LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS. I'm by no means a professional.. let alone an amateur. It took lots of time, effort (and juevos) to jump start this new venture with my Pre-K level training in Photoshop and iMovie that I've been quietly in the works on.. so please. Go easy on us all you professional video editor/graphic designer folks. Thaaaanks :) 

We're excited to experiences, adventures and dancing with YOU! 

Have a fantastic day! :)

- Dea Nguyen