Disney Cruise Line Travel Log: DAY 2 - NASSAU, BAHAMAS


SAILING: Disney Dream - 4 night Very Merrytime Cruise
DATE: December 12, 2017
ITINERARY: Port Canaveral -Nassau- Castaway Cay - Sea Day - Port Canaveral

Early: I woke up eeaarrllyyyy like 6 or 7am? (Side note: This is a reoccurring theme for me while on a Disney vacation :) By this time, my morning coffee arrived via room service and I sat out on the verandah and journaled.

Tip: You can fill out a breakfast request hanger the night before and schedule it for a time that works with you. Your options vary from coffee, juice and continental breakfast options including fruit, yogurts and pastries. I love this because they send your coffee in a carafe and the carafe keeps your coffee nice and warm while you're getting ready and doing things in the room before leaving. It's also nice to keep some snacks in the fridge for when you come back.

I saved the fruit and pastries for later :)


After my pre-breakfast, I went up to Cabanas to pick up some REAL breakfast before our excursion. Mickey Waffles with a view of Atlantis - it doesn’t get better than this!


We had a 9:15am meet up time down in the D Lounge to meet for our Catamaran Excursion and we arrived right on time. (Note to self: don’t stress if 5-10 mins late because theres a solid 30 min grace period.) The cast members ask you what excursion you’re doing then they give you a sticker based on your activity. It was a very slow process of waiting for people to show up and felt even longer with how early it was.. oh and we got suckered into buying the cooler with the Evian Water Bottles. The guy poured A TON of ice into the cooler, which I later regretted when the ice melted and I quickly realized it wasn’t water proof. We left the D Lounge at 10am and walked out to a small catamaran right outside of the ships.


Way too early

to be waiting
this long.

Excursion Review: Catamaran Snorkel and Swim
 $56 per person
Company: We booked through Disney Cruise

Dea:: 3.5 out of 5
Kevin: 4 out of 5

Favorite part of the excursion?
Dea: My favorite part was the snorkeling and seeing all the fish
Kevin: Seeing all the fish.

Least Favorite part of the excursion?
Dea: I was really sad about how dead the coral and sea life was. It was a realization that we are ruining this early and things like this nature is going to disappear.. When you think about snorkeling in the Bahamas, I thought we were going to swim with schools of fish. It was a very scarce amount of fish that we saw. BUT the fish we did see were really cool.
Kevin: The long ride back to the ship. It took over an hour to get back to the port and they dropped us off really far away from the ship. We were forced to walk through a bunch of people selling braids and all kinds of souvenirs that we weren't interested in.

They took us to a snorkel location pretty far out and away from the ship. It was about a 45 minute ride out to the snorkel spot. There were several small boats around the perimeter of a large circle where we were all snorkeling. The equipment they gave everyone to use was gross, disgusting and probably not sanitary at all. I highly suggest bringing at LEAST your own mask and mouthpiece. We were out there for a little over an hour, then it was a long hour and 20 minute ride back to the ship - cold from the ocean water and not enough sun/towels. Not sure why they took so long going back.. we zig zagged and moved at a very glacial pace. They served filtered water and a tequila beverage and a bag of chips. By this point we were STARVING! Also something to note: there was only one bathroom on board.. no soap.. no toilet paper.. so yeah. It was very uncomfortable for 50+ people on the catamaran. It seemed like a great idea but I think next time we'll try another excursion (or stay on the ship).

Would I do it again?
Dea: No.
Kevin: No.

Random Pro Tip: Order Uncrustables from room service the night before a port day. They’re  an easy snack to bring on an excursion and while out adventuring. It saves you and your family from being hangry if stuck on a boat like we were… aka this catamaran.

We got back to the ship around 2:30pm - leaving us with 30 minutes left of the Cabanas buffet open. We went in! It was Kevin’s favorite cruise lunch aside from Palo Brunch. We had tons of crab legs, shrimp, and I can’t even remember but it was delicious! Unfortunately, we missed out on all pictures from this meal. We were just STARVING! But I can assure you, it was delicious :)

While eating lunch, I saw that gingerbread house making was in session a few floors below us in Animators Palate so I left Kevin with his crab legs and hurried over to see if I could still make it. I arrived 20 minutes late but the cast members were so kind and gave me my own gingerbread house. It was a struggle doing this alone, but I managed and made mine in 10 minutes. Thankfully I wasn’t the last one out of there. Here’s my creation. :) 


I went back up to Cabanas to find Kevin. He was still indulging in the buffet so then I went to the room to drop off my falling gingerbread house. It made the room smell like cinnamon. :: drool :: We chilled out a little bit but then headed over to the spa.

We took our daily trip to the Rainforest Room and did the same routine: jacuzzi + sauna + hamam + steam room + showers + nap on the heated loungers. It was simply amazing!

After prying ourselves off the loungers, we headed back to the room. We napped somemore, slowly got ready and enjoyed the view of the Disney Wonder across from our stateroom. We caught the EPIC HORN BATTLE: Disney Wonder vs Disney Dream. IT WAS AWESOME! 


We felt the hunger kick back in around 630pm. By this point, it was too early for dinner but we were starving again! We skipped out on our MDR dinner and decided to change it up. We ate dinner at Cabanas and it turned out to be surprisingly really good. We enjoyed our dishes. I had the Salmon and Kevin had the steak. We loved the side offerings and the speed of dinner was much faster than in the MDR's. Thank you, Cabanas.

After dinner we caught the first showing of Beauty and the Beast and let me tell you.. as a professional dancer and performer.. this was probably the best stage performance production I've ever seen at a Disney park/ship.. It's a high first, with the Festival of the Lion King trailing behind second. (And just to clarify, I'm speaking on the park/ship entertainment, not the Broadway shows.) I teared like a little baby.. It was such a gorgeous show.. from the lighting, dancing, staging, singing, the props and how they used the props, the projections. IT WAS PHENOMENAL! So phenomenal that we had to see it again the next night from back center because we're dancers and as you can see in the photo below, we were up in the side of the mezzanine. I think we would've seen it a third time if it was playing again haha. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVEEE this show and would sail on the Dream again just to watch it!


- THESE PROPS AND PROJECTIONS! Look at how GORGEOUS these props are! The staging was reminiscent of the Broadway production, "An American In Paris" and how they cleverly used the props to make it seem as if one were walking/running/dancing through a setting. BRILLIANT. And even sitting on the side, there is no imperfection to be seen. You can't see back stage or anyone getting ready to hop back on stage. The projections continue through the wing as if it were a real door opening through the castle.

LOVE how to projections continue through to the audience to make the Library seem vast.

LOVE how to projections continue through to the audience to make the Library seem vast.


- I also loved how they used the dancers/ensemble to portray the setting.. the 3 back there posed and holding the tree branches, especially great in the scene with the gates.. I won't share too much because I don't want to spoil it. IT IS DEFINITELY A MUST SEE when sailing on the Dream.

IMG_1153 2.jpg

Secret buffet - okay not so secret buffet in the adult lounge areas. They put out a small buffet of snacks and finger foods around 11:30pm for those late night munchies. 

We wandered around til it our legs told us it couldn't do it anymore.. it was time to collapse in bed and get that beauty rest before the big day at Disney's Private Island, Castaway Cay!